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You are in the world of bow ties from LEGO® parts and cool straps to make them look great!

Check out the shop and of course have a crazy day!

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The Singles

  • Quality Straps

    We use 100% Cotton straps and thread as well as metal hardware for increased durability.

  • Bow Ties From New LEGO Parts

    All the LEGO parts we use are either purchased from LEGO directly or from trusted resellers

  • Buy Once, Use Forever

    Both the straps and the bows are meant to keep their quality for a long time with little maintenance.

  • Parent & Child Packages

    You will also be able to purchase a parent and child pack which also makes for a great gift!

  • Unlimited Possibilities

    Each purchase will also receive an instructions booklet with over 30 bow tie shape ideas!

  • (Almost) No Glue

    No glue is used on our bowtie frames. We do use glue for the parts that slide on the strap

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

    All of our packaging and packing elements are eco-friendly and recyclable

Custom Bow Ties

Frequently asked questions

What is Bow Tie Bleau and what are you selling?

Bow Tie Bleau is a small shop that sells LEGO® bow ties and high quality hand-made straps for said bow ties that make them sit properly and deliver an elegant and stylish look.

Alex Bleau – a.k.a Mr. Bow Tie among his friends – has the habit of wishing everyone a crazy day (the good kind of crazy)! And the bow ties that he makes – with their unlimited creative possibilities – are a small and fun way through which he hopes to empower and enable the craziness in everyones’ days. 

What comes in the product package?

The main products we will sell will contain the bow ties from LEGO® bricks and the accompanying straps. Additionally, we provide a set of LEGO® shape instructions so you can get creative and design the bow tie that fits you best.

Apart from that, unless specifically mentioned, the minifigures and small LEGO® parts visible in some of the product photos are not included.

Are the Lego Bow Tie Parts Glued?

The pieces that slide on the strap are glued together so that they do not come undone when tightening the strap. However, none of the bow tie parts are glued as this would not allow you and our customers to be creative and build their own unique bows. 

What materials have you used to make the straps and bow ties?

When it comes to the strap, we use 100% cotton strap and thread for sowing. As for the bricks and parts that go in the frame, we only use brand new LEGO® parts. Last but not least, all of our packaging is eco friendly and recyclable. 

Do you take orders for weddings or bigger groups of adults or kids?

Yes, we will also be open to these kind of orders but we will not offer it as a standard service from the start so please get in touch using our contact form. 

Legal Disclaimer

LEGO® and the LEGO® Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or these products. Bow Tie Bleau is in no way affiliated with the LEGO® Group of companies.